Bouncing Off the Walls

It's become clear that added and processed sugar has a negative impact on health. As a society, we're getting present to the fact that sugar is one of the leading causes of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. The mission to decrease sugar consumption will be a long journey, but there's a place we can start to dismantle the foundation of the sugar epidemic. That area is with our children.

Kids develop an interest in sugar and candy because sweet is an evolutionarily engrained taste within human beings. As with a lot of current research, there's a debate in the scientific world about whether sugar is related to hyperacitvity and ADHD. A study by the Yale School of Public Health reported that sugar-sweetened beverages may increase hyperactivity in middle school students. Many other studies report results that show correlations between sugar and ADHD, but not causation. This simply means that while there may be a connection, there's not enough evidence at this point to be absolutely sure. However, there is a bottom line to all of this research: added sugar is unhealthy for the human body.

Beginning with our children, we can transform the way we eat and drink. We invite you to consider providing your kids with Stevien-sweetened candy when they are looking for a treat. Stevien Candy allows for the possibility of enjoying your favorite sweet treats without the negatvie effects of sugar. It allows for not having to worry about your kids bouncing off the walls after a sugar high or throwing a temper tantrum that otherwise could have been avoided. Choose the healthy alternative to sugar and you will be the one that makes a difference in children's health.

The world is finally getting to know the stevia plant. It has become widely popularized in Western culture over the last few years and is slowly becoming a household staple. It's properties make it a healthy and safe alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. However, many people might note that Stevia, in all its glory, has one fatal flaw: that bitter aftertaste. How could such a sweet plant produce this unpleasant taste? Let's explore.

Upon taking a closer look into the bitterness, we come to realize that the stevia plant has been wrongly accused. In fact, the plant itself is the perfect amount of sweetness and has no bitter qualities. That's why a handful of cultures in South America combine the stevia leaves directly with their teas and tinctures. The true cause of the bitterness is produced during the extraction part of the process. Many companies that manufacture stevia use ethanol or methanol to extract the steviosides (the component of the plant responsible for the sweetness). The alcohol compromises the true taste of the plant and adds a bitter flavor.

The Stevien process is unique. Instead of alcohol, we simply use distilled water to extract the steviosides. We not only avoid the bitter flavor, but we also retain the taste of our organic stevia plant itself. In this way, our stevia sweeteners can be thought of as a plant crushed finely into a powder. You can't get much more natural than that!

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