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As we wrap up 2018, we can't help but feel grateful for our growth and the love that we have received from our customers this year. As we're about to celebrate the start of the new year, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on that. We feel so blessed to see the variety of different people that have grown to love our products. Whether you are diabetic, keto, or are just trying to live a sugar free life. Below are some of our favorite creations that you guys have made with our products throughout the year. Since it is the holiday season, we will start with the holiday creations and then follow with the rest. Happy and healthy new year from the Stevien fam!




There has certainly been quite the keto craze this past year, and we’re here to happily inform you that our stevien sweets will allow you to continue enjoying some of your favorite sweets while staying in the the keto safe zone AKA ketosis. This is especially good news since it is the holiday season, and we’re surrounded by sweet temptations such as candy & other treats. Adding our sweets to your kitchen will be your holiday sweet's savior this year, and will keep you out of trouble. What is keto? Keto is short for ketogenic. The keto diet is high in fat, and very low in carbs. Your carbohydrate intake is dramatically decreased and replaced with fat. The decrease in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state known as ketosis causing you to shed weight.


After doing some research on the keto diet, and discussing the basics with our keto friendly loved ones, we have discovered that our products are keto gold. With the science broken down, the rules are pretty simple for the keto diet. When reading the nutritional label, you want to make sure that your product has very little to no sugar or carbs. This makes our magic mallows truly magic. It also means that our gelatin is the perfect & convenient keto sweets fix, and is recommended by other keto pros.


We have always thrived on the fact that our products help to keep diabetics satisfied, and we’re ecstatic to see that we can now do the same for our keto friends. Stevia is apparently the go-to sweetener for keto lovers, so why not treat yourself to our products made with the ultimate perfected stevia. Our products are made with only the best organic and gourmet ingredients. Not only that, but we continue to think outside of the box while developing our products, and work very hard to cater to our customer’s desires. So do yourself a favor, and grab some Stevien stevia extract powder to your pantry this year.

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