Diabetics...Welcome Back to the Sweet Life

For diabetics, it can be difficult to find sweet foods that don't have an effect on their blood sugar. And that's a huge bummer because we humans are biologically engineered to enjoy the sweet flavor. Diabetes is a disease close to our hearts at Stevien. One of our most prominent goals is to provide diabetics with an alternative to sugar that creates just as delicious foods including jams, syrups, and candies. We have delivered on that promise and you can check out our collection of low-sugar or sugar-free products here.

What's the magic ingredient you ask? That would be our plant-based, organic, and naturally extracted stevia. Our favorite quality of stevia is that it has zero calories, including zero sugar. However, that's just the beginning. With stevia's rise in the market, scientists are researching it more in depth. Back in 2004, a study by the scientific journal, Metabolism, completed a study that concluded stevia may be advantageous to type 2 diabetes. The same meal was given to two test groups, but one of the groups received 1 g of stevioside (stevia extract), while the other group received 1 g of maize starch (to make sure participants didn't know which group they were in). The group that consumed the gram of stevia had consistently lower blood sugar levels then the control group. Further studies have displayed even more benefits to our sweet friend: anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, and anti-diarrheal.

Stevia isn't just sweet. It also contains minerals that are essential for humans to thrive. Diabetics are more likely to magnesium-deficient. Stevia contains magnesium, which helps the human body both secrete more insulin and make it more efficient. The magnesium is present in the stevia plant, but it decreases in amount when the stevia is turned into powder. Because of this, we don't recommend relying on stevia as a source for magnesium, but it can act as an added complement.

You are now starting to get a good feel for the amazing qualities that this little and magical plant has to offer. For those of you living with diabetes, we invite you to find out more about stevia as well as our products. We are here for you and our goal is to support you along your journey for a delicious and healthy diet.

The world is finally getting to know the stevia plant. It has become widely popularized in Western culture over the last few years and is slowly becoming a household staple. It's properties make it a healthy and safe alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. However, many people might note that Stevia, in all its glory, has one fatal flaw: that bitter aftertaste. How could such a sweet plant produce this unpleasant taste? Let's explore.

Upon taking a closer look into the bitterness, we come to realize that the stevia plant has been wrongly accused. In fact, the plant itself is the perfect amount of sweetness and has no bitter qualities. That's why a handful of cultures in South America combine the stevia leaves directly with their teas and tinctures. The true cause of the bitterness is produced during the extraction part of the process. Many companies that manufacture stevia use ethanol or methanol to extract the steviosides (the component of the plant responsible for the sweetness). The alcohol compromises the true taste of the plant and adds a bitter flavor.

The Stevien process is unique. Instead of alcohol, we simply use distilled water to extract the steviosides. We not only avoid the bitter flavor, but we also retain the taste of our organic stevia plant itself. In this way, our stevia sweeteners can be thought of as a plant crushed finely into a powder. You can't get much more natural than that!

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